Truck Body Types

This web page will help you through the process of selecting your ideal truck body by providing information about several categories of truck bodies commonly sold through Hostetler Truck Bodies and Trailers.

We also provide a truck body FAQ and links to related vendor websites. If you have any unanswered questions along the way, please Contact Us.

Service Bodies


Service bodies offer rugged construction and ample external storage for your tools and equipment. Different vendors offer different configuration and customization options, assuring you the choice of a product that will optimize your day-to-day productivity. Multiple external compartments offer protection from the weather, and enable you and your team to grab your tools and equipment without climbing into the truck bed.

Keeping organized on the road and on the job is important, so your service body compartments may include adjustable shelving, and can be customized with a variety of storage options. Our service bodies are fully tested and are supported with a manufacturer's warranty for up to six years, depending on the vendor.

Service bodies can be installed on your half-ton or compact truck, as well as the full range of cab & chassis vehicles, and are available in steel and aluminum. 

utility-bucket-service-bodyWith a medium-duty or heavy-duty chassis, you can accessorize the basic service body for utility, municipality, power generation, and construction applications, including aerial buckets or digger derricks.

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Enclosed service bodies provide a new level of protection, convenience and organization. Now there's shelter from the storm for your largest deliverables, tools, and supplies.

Canopy service bodies can help you divide your storage space into manageable compartments that are externally accessible from either side of the body. Just pull up to the job site, exit the cab and you have quick access to the tools and parts you need. No more crawling around in the cargo area. Dedicated conduit chutes can store longer items without cluttering the floor of the over-sized cargo area. Canopy service bodies are available in rugged galvanized steel to provide years of reliable service.

If you're wasting too much time and energy searching for your tools and equipment, invest in a canopy service body and get more billable hours out of your work day.



Platform bodies offer the flexibility to haul just about anything. Available in many different lengths and widths to fit a variety of chassis applications, they are fully customizable.

Choose wood, steel or treadplate flooring and pick from numerous side accessories including stake sides, solid sides or refuse sides to customize for your hauling job.

flatbed-underbody-toolboxDepending on the platform selected, other options may include:

  • underbody storage compartments
  • external rub rails
  • integrated tie down points
  • integrated D-ring tie-downs
  • rope hook
  • underbody-sliding-tie-down-channelunderbody tie-down rails
  • underbody sliding tie-down channel
  • receiver hitch
  • ICC bumper
  • spare tire retainer
  • smooth steel/tread plate overlay (for wood floor)


Knapheide PCHT-123B Cargo Hauler Platform Body on a Ford F-450 with a crane compartment



If you're looking to do some major towing, you're going to need the right equipment to get the job done. This includes a rugged trailer, and a hardcore hitch as well. Gooseneck hitches are Class V hitches that can handle up to around 30,000 pounds.

An integrated gooseneck hitch can turn your platform body into a heavy-duty towing machine.




Crane bodies add a vertical dimension to your truck's capabilities. 

Our vendors build our crane bodies with an isolated crane compartment and structural reinforcements to withstand the torsional forces applied to the body during lifting operations. Your options include models from light-duty trucks to extreme heavy-duty applications including construction, mining, agriculture and equipment repair.

When your job needs a lift, rely on a crane body to help you get the job done.


6132DLR-44KJ Crane Body on a Ford F-550




Whether you need vertical space to carry larger loads, or the strength to haul heavy equipment and machinery, stake body truck beds offer the versatility to take on different tasks and the toughness to perform under harsh conditions.

cadet-stake-body2Stake truck beds are modified flatbed bodies that often feature removable racks for safe, secure hauling. Other options include rear swing-out gates with individual quick-release latches to allow for easy loading and unloading.

Stake sides are available in different configurations, with additional standard features that vary with the manufacturer. Talk to your Hostetler salesperson about your particular application to ensure the best match of functionality and versatility for your work.




Many industries, including landscaping, lawn maintenance, construction, road maintenance, and farming, have come to rely on dump bodies to get the job done quickly.

Dump bodies are available from Hostetler in a variety of configurations from light duty to heavy duty applications.

Drop Side Dump Bodies from Knapheide are constructed of high-strength steel for unmatched durability and feature a crossmemberless understructure for low maintenance and rust prevention.

Rugby's Contractor Bodies offer convenient fold-down sides for easy loading and un-loading of material, and are available in lengths of 12', 14' and 16' with volume capacities ranging from 4-6 cubic yards.

P_20180619_094217_pFor most manufacturers, the subframe hoist can be powered by an electric motor or PTO. The standard dump will extend to elevate the floor 45 degrees.

Numerous dump body options include underbody toolboxes and packs for secure storage, quarter or full cab shields for protection, and manual or electric tarps for retaining material.

Specialized applications, such as spreaders or coal delivery, may require customization or special features. We recommend that you consult the manufacturer website for current, detailed specifications.



Mack KWT4_Water Truck-1

The various truck body manufacturers categorize their products in different ways, and different manufacturers offer expertise in different areas.

In addition to the categories already mentioned, Knapheide provides specialized truck bodies for forestry, fuel lube, and water transportation, and.
Rugby offers rancher bodies. Regardless of what they are called, truck bodies are available in a variety of configurations to fit your budget and your needs.

And Hostetler Truck Bodies and Trailers has the manufacturing expertise to modify and customize available models for your unique application. Contact your Hostetler sales representative today to find the right body for you!