State and Regional/Municipal Sales Through COSTARS


What is COSTARS?

COSTARS is the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania's cooperative purchasing program managed by the Pennsylvania Department of General Services (DGS) Bureau of Procurement.

COSTARS-exclusive contracts and COSTARS-participating statewide contracts are competitively bid by the Pennsylvania Department of General Services, saving members the time and cost associated with a public bidding process.

Our Vendor Information

Hostetler Truck Bodies and Trailers participates in the Pennsylvania government COSTARS Program as an approved Small Business vendor for Municipal Work Vehicles (COSTARS-25) and equipment.

The COSTARS CONTRACT NUMBER for DK Hostetler, Inc. (required for the quote process) is 25-311.

Pricing provided via the vendor's COSTARS-exclusive contract is a ceiling price. Hostetler cannot charge more than the quoted price unless additional options/accessories are requested.

COSTARS Eligibility and Member Registration

The change of address provided an opportunity for refocusing on truck body manufacturing. OPEC oil embargThe COSTARS Program provides registered local public procurement units (LPPUs) as well as state affiliated entities and vendor/suppliers a tool to find and do business with each other effectively through the use of a contract established by DGS. COSTARS membership is open to any product purchasers that are eligible LPPUs and state-affiliate entities. An LPPU is broadly defined as:

  • Any political subdivision
  • Any public authority
  • Any tax exempt, nonprofit education or public health institution or organization
  • Any nonprofit fire company, nonprofit rescue company, nonprofit ambulance company
  • To the extent provided by law, any other entity, including a council of government or an area government, that expends public funds for the procurement of supplies and services.

If you are associated with regional or municipal government and would like assistance with preparing a COSTARS bid, use the form below to contact us to learn more about the process. You can also find information at the COSTARS website.oes and political instability in the Middle East had helped make gasoline a very expensive commodity and the big, heavy wooden custom-built cattle trucks were no longer in demand. Pick-up trucks were becoming very popular, and Jim realized that many small business owners would require a trailer, so he added trailers to the product line and the business name.

Additional COSTARS Resources

For more information on COSTARS participation and the contracting options and processes, view the COSTARS Member Information web page.

Commonwealth Contract Piggy-Back Option

D. K. Hostetler, Inc. can also sell certain trailers and truck bodies to qualified governmental agencies using a “piggy-back” option. Please contact us to find out which products we sell under this option.

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