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Platform bodies are useful for a variety of different jobs. Add an integrated gooseneck hitch for high-performance towing with your vehicle. Most manufacturers provide multiple options for sides and tailgate if desired. Models included on this page are some of the more popular ones - many others are available through Hostetler. Make sure to read the Vendor section of each listing for additional information on related models, accessories, and options.


Knapheide PHHS-224B Heavy Hauler Platform Body



The Heavy-Hauler™ (PHH Series) is Knapheide’s most rugged platform, designed to handle the most severe of hauling applications. It has been engineered to work in both hoist and nonhoist applications.


Structural channel cross members are spaced on 12” centers. Heavy duty, reinforced external stake pockets are sized to accept 2”x 4” lumber as well as a variety of Knapheide side options. External rub rails constructed of 3/8” steel are located on both sides of the platform. The model pictured here includes an optional toolbox mounted under the bed on the passenger side.


  • Length: 22'-4"
  • CA: 160-192"
  • Weight (mild steel): 2800 lbs


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PHH models are available in 12’–26’ lengths and are compatible with dual rear wheel chassis.

Series Specifications:

  • Clearance and marker lights meet FMVSS 108 requirements
  • Multiple flooring options included treated 2" yellow pine, 7 gauge mild steel, and 3/16" steel treadplate
  • Structural long sills with gusseted cross members - 5” on 12’ and shorter platforms; 7” on 14’ and longer platforms


Knapheide AL-PB-103 Aluminum Platform Body



Knapheide has recently supplemented their steel flatbed line with aluminum. The new aluminum bodies are economical, durable and reliable, and are certain to catch your eye as you see more and more of them on the road.


Platform bulkheads are available in both rectangular (pictured) and tapered configurations. Other configuration options include refuse sides like those pictured separately, 


  • Length: 10' 3"
  • CA: 72-84"
  • Long sills are an extruded aluminum structural channel
  • Reinforced stake pockets are sized to accept Knapheide side options
  • Swivel-style, D-ring tie-downs rated at 2,000 lbs are ideal for securing large or heavy cargo during transit.

Knapheide spent years designing and testing their new aluminum platform body product line to ensure that each model was lightweight but not light duty.

Series Specifications:

  • Available for SRW and DRW vehicles in 7’–18’ lengths
  • Composed of Military-grade aluminum extrusions, resulting in a body that is 40% lighter than steel
  • Assembled entirely from Grade 5 hardware and structural rivets that are coated specifically not to corrode with aluminum materials
  • All marker, clearance and I.D. lights are LED


Moritz TBA 8'6" Aluminum Platform Body



The Moritz TBA aluminum platform body is manufactured in Mansfield, OH, in accordance with rigorous specifications for durability and reliability. The model pictured here includes an integrated gooseneck hitch, twin toolboxes mounted under the bed and an ICC bumper.


  • Extruded Aluminum Floor
  • Cast Aluminum Gooseneck Hitch Cover
  • 5" Adjustable Main Rail (34" to 42")
  • Gooseneck Hitch Plate
  • Adjustable Headache Rack


  • Chamfered Corners
  • 52" Tall Headache Rack
  • 3" Taller Main Sills
  • Bed Rail Kit (4" tall)
  • Wire Harness Adapter

The TBA Series features an extruded floor (new), stake pockets and rub rails (side and rear), and an integrated gooseneck hitch w/cover.

Series Specifications::

  • 5" Adjustable Main Rail (34" to 42")
  • Pipe Reinforcements Between Stake Pockets
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty


Cadet Bronco B7-84 Platform Body


The Cadet Bronco B7-84 steel platform body comes with a weatherproof wiring harness, all-weather undercoating, side pockets and rub rails, and a 12-gauge tread plate floor.


  • 38” Tapered Header w/Crosstube
  • Side Pockets & Rub Rails
  • 7 Red & 2 Amber LED Clearance Lights


  • Length: 84"
  • Width: 84"
  • Weight: 615 lbs

Three sizes of Bronco flatbeds are available; they all are heavy-duty beasts of burden that will lighten your load and increase your productivity.

Series Specifications:

  • All Weather Under-coating
  • Weatherproof Wiring Harness
  • Lengths of 84", 102", and 108"


Cadet Western W9-96 Platform Body



The Standard Western is a step up in quality from the Bronco, and offers options like a gooseneck compartment with ball capable of handling up to 30,000 lbs. The W9-96 includes side pockets, stamped taillight holes, and all-weather undercoating.


The Western model features 4” structural channel long sills, 5” structural channel step, and weatherproof wiring harness.


  • Length: 108"
  • Width: 96"
  • Weight: 1,000 lbs

Cadet Western platform bodies are available up to 1485 lbs. Standard features include 1/8” nominal tread plate.

Other standard features include:

  • Recessed Tag Bracket w/Light
  • 7 Red, 2 Amber Clearance Lights (LED)
  • 40” Tapered Header w/Sunshade


Martin SB Platform Body



The Martin SB skirted Platform Body is an attractive and functional bed. The basic model includes two built-in toolboxes, but you can customize to include up to four, or none if you prefer.


The SB models pictured here demonstrate two different toolbox configurations and skirt styles. Bodies are available in lengths of 80", 88", 104", 112", and 136".


  • Length: 88" (multiple lengths available)
  • Width: 84" (multiple widths available)
  • Ford and GM 6-1/2 Bed Delete, 1500 through 3500 Model Single Wheel (specify your truck year/model and cab-to-axle measurement when ordering to ensure a proper fit)

Martin truck bodies are manufacturered regionally right here in Pennsylvania. The company specializes in aluminum truck bodies, with many styles and options to choose from, including four bulkhead designs and various flooring options.

Martin Flatbed options include:

  • 8" or 12" Side Boards and Tailgate
  • Custom Built Top Deck Boxes
  • Front Upright Boxes.

Martin Truck options include:

  • Tow Hitch with 2-1/2" Receiver
  • Strobe Lights
  • Backup Camera